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Vecaro Lifestyle Publish New Safety Information On Hoverboard Low Battery Cut Out Issues

Now that all hoverboard companies are UL certified, families are beginning to trust the hoverboard industry. It would appear that with UL requirements underlining every hoverboard made, hoverboard safety is guaranteed. In fact, hoverboard safety goes much deeper than this one issue.

One of the most important considerations listed in the article is the importance of battery charging. A poorly charged battery can cause the board to suddenly stop, even at top speeds of 9-10mph, launching the rider off the board and into the concrete. When riding a hoverboard, it is crucial for riders to know the exact battery level. This will provide the rider with the information needed, to know how long the battery has left, or how far the rider can go.
To that end, we¬†introduced the Hoverboard App, not just because it offers cool features, but primarily to overcome this safety concern. With the app, users know the exact percentage of the battery life, and can ride with confidence knowing they will not be thrown off their board when the battery suddenly dies. Customers can expect the app on the all-new 8.5″ wheel hoverboards as well as the Glide X models.
We have been leading this industry since our inception, and we continue to do so now, by introducing new dimensions to our boards that allow safety to come first. This helps to give parents the ultimate peace of mind when purchasing a hoverboard for their children to use. They know that by buying a Vecaro hoverboard, they have done everything they can to ensure their child is safe.

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