Safest Hoverboard

Hovertronix Provides Riders with the Safest Hoverboard Products

“Hoverboard SAFETY Is Our #1 Priority”

Hovertronix offers the safest hoverboards and sold online. Nothing is more important than rider safety, for that exact reason Hovertronix only sells UL certified hoverboards. The UL certification is the new standard for hoverboard manufacturing process, unlike some companies that only certified some of their hoverboards, Hovertronix makes sure that every single hoverboard product sold on this website is UL certified.

The importance of the UL 2272 Hoverboard Certification

When hoverboards first came out, many companies started mass producing low quality units, not paying attention to safety requirements and stated flooding the internet with unsafe hoverboards. This let to many hoverboard accidents causing families to not trust in hoverboard brands. The U.S. Government had to step in and recall every unsafe hoverboard ever sold. Due to our high quality manufacturing process, Hovertronix was not on that list. When the UL 2272 certification became a requirement, Hovertronix became the first company to obtain the certification and publish it on this site. To this date, some companies are still selling non UL certified hoverboards. Whether you buy from us or another brand, we only ask that as a customer, you inform yourself whether the hoverboard you’re about to buy, is UL certified or not. The company you are buying from should happily provide you with certification like we do on our website.

Hoverboard UL certified logo

Hovertronix Offers the Safest Hoverboard Batteries: Samsung

One of the main issues that lead to hoverboard accidents, is the battery manufacturer’s use. When a hoverboard is being charge and battery is not able to sustain the charge it can lead to the battery overheating and cause serious damage. Every single Hovertronix hoverboard is powered by Samsung batteries and only Samsung 18650 batteries in our battery packs. We also provide all our customers with UL certified chargers so our customer can charge their hoverboard with the confidence that nothing will go wrong.

20 Samsung cells per battery10 Imitation cells per battery
4400 mAhe2200 mAh
≥ 2 hr Ride time≤ 1Hr Ride time
Certified chargerUncertified charger
36V With full charge36V With full charger
30-90 Min* charge time20-120 Min* charge time
Will work down to 10% chargeWill work down to 20% charge
Safety Charges at 110V-240VSafety charges at 120V
vecaro hoverboard batteries

Battery Pack Batteries

hoverboard battery

We strictly uses the best electronics when manufacturing hoverboards.  Only high-end controllers from ST are imported to ensure the customers with a smooth and easy to maneuver hoverboard.

The Safest Hoverboard Wheels Have 100% Copper Wiring!

Made with AINiCo magents for increased wheel stabilityUse weight to increase wheel stability instead of magnets
AINiCo magnets must be at least 3 mm thickConcrete or metal weights
100% Copper wiringCopper coated aluminum wiring
hoverboard wheel

Vecaro 6.5″ Wheel

AlNiCo magnets are composed from aluminum, nickel and cobalt. The magnets increase the wheel stability, compared to companies that used metal weights, our wheels outperform in every way possible because our magnets and wheels, are both are directly connected to the stability control circuit board. What does that all mean? Our hoverboards automatically adjust to provide the smoothest ride possible all while ensuring the rider with a more stable and safe ride. Every single component that makes up a hoverboard is taken into consideration in our manufacturing process.

Quality Control for a Quality Hoverboard!

All of our hoverboards use a zinc coated pure aluminum frame for strength and durability while keeping the overall weight down for ease of carrying.

Vecaro vs competitors

Competitor[Left] Vecaro[Right]

Vecaro hoverboard glide-x glow
Thickness: 3 mmThickness: 2~2.5 mm
Polished Zinc coated aulminumNon-polished mixed alloy frame
Low tolerances for smooth and seamless fitHigh tolerances cause gaps and seams in between pieces
Added reinforcements to crtical areas for strengthNo reinforcements to critical areas
Made out of thick ABS plasticThin plastic outer shell
ABS outer shell is over 2.5 mm thickOuter shell is less than 2.5 mm
Low tolerances for seamless fitHigh tolerances cause gaps and seams in between inner and outer shell